Sutter Homes is committed to offering you an energy efficient, healthy, net positive home that saves you thousands of dollars, protects your families health, and will last exponentially longer than standard homes.

By producing enough energy to offset your utility bills, homes by Sutter drastically reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously savings you upwards of $100,000 over the course of 30 years.

Sutter Homes saves you money while helping you save the environment.

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net positive homes built by sutter homes in the durango area
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net positive homes built by sutter homes in the durango area

The team at SHC is a full-service company that is skilled at every phase of a home, from concept and design to construction and finish. This ensures that the end goal of a healthy and beautiful home is maintained throughout the entire process. We hire very few subcontractors, and those we do hire are as passionate about quality as we are. This constant presence allows us to build more quickly and more efficiently, saving both time and money, giving us the ability to offer high-quality products in a cost-effective manner.


The driving force behind the quality of our homes is integrity. Our Christian faith motivates us to work hard and honestly and to give the home buyer/owner excellence even in the areas they do not see. We run our business on a zero debt budget, allowing us to focus fully on the needs and desires of our customers.


Experience and education are our biggest assets. We can build a better home because we understand how each individual decision affects the efficiency of the home as a whole. Our greatest passion is building highly energy efficient homes, which begins with design. We seek out manufacturer training and stay sharp to the newest developments on the market. Furthermore, our desire is not simply to be educated, but to educate the home buyer/owner on the performance of their home.

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Sutter Homes builds distinctive homes. There are several key factors that makes these homes different from standard construction:

  • Utilizing Alternative Energy
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Prioritizing Home Health
  • Comparable Cost + Annual Savings

Interested in the third party certifications that Sutter Homes partner with? These organizations employ national and international standards for energy efficient, net positive, healthy homes. Without these organizations and their rigorous standards, achieving homes that keep your family healthy, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint would be nearly impossible.

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The foundation of energy efficient, healthy homes is high performance. The Sutter Homes team is devoted to staying up to date on the latest building sciences and applying them to the unique climate zone of La Plata County. Using data driven building science, high performance homes are possible.

These are key factors that make a home high performance.

  • Home Health
  • Durability
  • Positive Netting
  • Cost
  • Human Factor Design
  • Building Science
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