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Total Clarity In The Custom Building Process For Net Zero Efficient Homes In Durango, CO And The 4 Corners Area That You Can Move Into In As Little As 9 Months

What customers are saying about

"Sutter went above and beyond to take an idea to a completed home, and was able to provide great value and a unique financing situation to get my project done."
"Quality of work, knowledge of building code, building science, and energy efficiency, timeframe of project, communication regarding budget and modifications made during construction, and customer service is why I chose Sutter."
"We had Mike Sutter of Sutter Homes and his team build us a home 5 years ago. The finished home is just as good today, as it was when we moved in on day one."
Energy Efficiency
We are extremely pleased with our custom-built home by Sutter Homes. First and foremost, the energy efficiency is exceptional. Last LPEA bill was $13.80 and the Atmos gas bill was $28.
"Sutters pricing was by far the best I could find, leaving ample equity when I sold the home. My utility bills were still extremely low and we loved how quiet and comfortable the house was."
Sam Q.
Having a quality construction company brings such peace of mind when you’re working on any building project.
Lorie S.
Through the construction process Mike and his team were timely, attentive and flexible with last minute changes we would make. Their customer service and professionalism are A+ and you cannot find a builder of higher character.
Ryan W.
Mike was very accommodating in assisting us with changes and modifications in design and materials. We highly recommend Sutter Homes if you're looking for a quality home built with today's energy efficiency in mind.
Sandy F.
Sutter Homes Co. - Net Positive Home Builder Logo

Always Be Up To Date With Clear Expectations, Only Deal With Friendly And Experienced Professionals, And Have Your Modern, Energy-Efficient Home Built The Way You Want

Sutter Homes Co. - Net Positive Home Builder Logo

Custom, Pre-Built, And Pre-Sold Homes In Durango, CO And The 4 Corners

Buyers in are seeking contractors who can deliver expert quality and craftsmanship in energy-efficient, cost-saving, health-protective, air-tight climate-controlled homes.

Sutter Homes Co. Is the leading Net Zero home builder in the Durango, CO and the 4-Corners area

Building a new home involves a lot of moving pieces that can lead to anxiety, delays, mistakes, and poor quality

AND with increasing net zero requirements for new construction, the wrong mistake could cost you thousands.

The little things can add up.

Doors that leave gaps and don't close properly, creaky flooring, appliances not connected properly, hot and cold spots with heating and air, leaky plumbing or irrigation systems, HVAC failures, poor quality fixtures, the list goes on.

And if even one of these things happens, the last thing you want is a contractor that makes excuses, doesn't back-up their work, or worse, doesn't respond at all.

Then there's the BIG stuff.

Roof leaks, siding that fails after one storm, or something worse.

Some mistakes create conditions that are downright unlivable until they're fixed.

Then there are the things that can happen during the build process.

Sub-contractors no-show, leaving builders hanging.

Poor planning can lead to months or even year-long delays.

To add insult to injury, one of the worst things is when a builder overpromises, but under delivers.

We've seen this scenario too many times: hopeful buyers get sucked into something that's too good to be true, they're given unrealistic expectations, and then they get frustrated when those expectations are broken.

We don't want these things to happen to you.

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A home building experience that you'll actually enjoy

When you're kept apprised of everything through every step, with clear expectations and costs, even if things change.

We Are Committed To:

  • Consistent, expedient communication so you're never in the dark
  • Attention to detail and thoughtfulness to what matters to you so you can feel good about your home
  • Expert quality and craftsmanship without using cheap materials so your home will stand the test of time
  • Attentive customer service during the build and in warranty that demonstrates we stand behind our work so you can have peace of mind
  • A well-organized and efficient home-building process that gives you clarity so you know what to expect
  • Thoroughly explaining what's possible with your budget so you get the best value
  • Navigating the ever-increasing complexities of building requirements and codes to make sure your home meets them so there are no surprises if you ever decide to sell
Mike Sutter
Mike Sutter
Owner & CEO, Sutter Homes Co.

Has built over 120 homes in La Plata County and the surrounding area, has synthesized the rigors of net positive building science, and specializes in building energy efficient homes with a human-factored design. He oversees every custom home project, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience. Mike has lived in Durango for almost 30 years, is passionate about his wife and 3 kids, and coaching high school football.

Sutter Homes Co. - Net Positive Home Builder Logo
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