Mike Sutter
Mike Sutter
Owner & CEO, Sutter Homes Co.

Has built over 120 homes in La Plata County and the surrounding area, has synthesized the rigors of net positive building science, and specializes in building energy efficient homes with a human-factored design. He oversees every custom home project, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience. Mike has lived in Durango for almost 30 years, is passionate about his wife and 3 kids, and coaching high school football.


Whether you’re just looking for the right pre-built home in the some of the best neighborhoods that Durango, CO has to offer or you’re ready to embark on building your custom dream home, working with a builder that has the experience, expertise, and willingness to walk you through every step and answer all your questions can make all of the difference between having peace of mind or your expectations cut to pieces.

As energy efficient home specialists who have been building homes in the 4 corners area since 2002, we’ve watched the demand for zero-energy homes go up and have discovered just how difficult it is to achieve true, net-positive homes that are more comfortable, more evenly heated and cooled, provide better air quality, and can save you up to $100,000 over the life of a mortgage.

Over the years we have honed our craft and process to be the only net-positive specialist in

Many builders make promises of being “green builders” and/or delivering “energy efficient homes,” but few actually achieve true, net-positive/net-zero ratings, certified by 3rd-party organizations and verified by the Department of Energy.

But at Sutter Homes, that’s what we do, and you reap the benefits. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost any extra than if the same home was built in a traditional manner.

“When Sutter Homes Co. declares their homes are Net Zero, they really are. Their HERS ratings back up their claims. We were far more impressed with this home that exceeded any of our expectations.”
Gary S

Not Just A Builder

Home. Just the word brings up a flood of thoughts and emotions and longings. Home is the hub from which all of life’s adventures unfold. Home is the place where you rest, where you celebrate, where you gather with family and friends. The place your mind wanders to when its been a long day and you just want sit down with a cold drink and unwind. The blank canvas on which all of your most important memories are painted.

Home is the place where you find all of life’s necessities in one, familiar and comfortable
place. With all of these things, and more, it is essential that your home be inviting, functional, efficient, beautiful, resilient. We, at Sutter Homes, are passionate about building beautiful, exceptional, high performance and energy smart homes.

We understand that many find the idea of building a home daunting and confusing. We are passionate about the building process not being this way, but rather being transparent and doable. It is our goal to walk our clients through the daunting task of building a home with maximum clarity and ease. There are lots of moving parts in homebuilding, and our team of professionals are here to make sure you are well taken care of while keeping those parts moving smoothly.

We will walk you through the entire home building process. We will help you figure out financing, find a lot, design a house perfectly suited to you and your life and needs, and manage the entire construction process.

As a design-build company we can provide you with 1st class and streamlined service throughout the homebuilding process. We have been in business 20+ years in the Durango area. If you decide to walk with us down the road of building a home you will have all those years of experience in your corner, along with the fact that we are also one of the most energy efficient builders in the area.

We would argue that there is no one else that achieves as efficient a house as we do for the price. We utilize the latest developments in building science to create tight, Zero Energy Ready, healthy and comfortable homes that are a joy to live in. We do all this while paying close attention to the craftsmanship, and quality of materials in every Sutter Home.