Aerobarrier and ACH50

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Sutter Homes partners with and uses Aerobarrier Net on every single home, ensuring that each home is sealed as tight as possible.


By sealing and ventilating properly, Sutter Homes builds the most efficient and healthy homes. The Aerobarrier technology is how Sutter Homes acheives the “seal it tight” portion of this goal.

air sealing

Air sealing is preventing infiltration from outside air into your home. With aerobarrier, an air born sealant, the product finds tiny leaks in your home and plugs them to reduce the overall amount of air leakage.

This is measured in Air Change per Hour at 50 pascals. (ACH50). The higher the rating, the more the house leaks air. Average homes may leak at the rate of 15 ACH50, while Sutter Homes has recorded a 0.01 ACH50 home, one of the lowest ever recorded in the nation.

Using Aerobarrier and developing record-breaking ACH50 rated homes is one of the many integrated ways that Sutter Homes builds Zero Energy Ready Homes.

ach50 measurements and air leakage

ACH50 measurements help paint a picture of how much air is leaking out of your house. If a house measures 15 ACH50, this means they have leaks that amount to the size of a bath towel. Now, you can imagine a bath towel sizes hole in your living room, allowing all of the outside air in, and the cool or heat treated air out. This is, in reality, what your home is doing. .01ACH50, the lowest ACH recorded in the nation done by Sutter Homes, means there is only .4 cumulative square inches of air leakage.

Why should we want to air seal our home?
  • Current building codes require 3 or below ACH50
  • Experience lower heating bills due to less heat loss
  • Have fewer drafts and be more comfortable
  • Reduce the chance of mold and rot because moisture is less likely to enter and become trapped in cavities
  • Have a better performing ventilation system
  • Potentially require smaller heating and cooling equipment capacities

Information from the U.S Department of Energy

ach50 used for sutter homes in the durango area
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aerobarrier used for sutter homes in the durango area
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aerobarrier air sealing used for sutter homes in the durango area
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Interested in Aerobarrier? Visit Four Corners Aerobarrier to understand more about the technology and your ability to seal your home and experience unprecedented benefits.


We are extremely pleased with our custom-built home by Sutter Homes. First and foremost, the energy efficiency of the home is exceptional. Last LPEA bill was $13.80 and the Atmos gas bill was $28. The Zehnder ComfoAir for air exchange works beautifully and makes for a very comfortable inside environment. At first there was a problem with condensation, which was remedied with an additional insulation sleeve. Our builder promptly took care of that issue. All in all, Mike was very accomodating in assisting us with changes and modifications in design and materials. We highly recommend Sutter Homes if you're looking for a quality home built with today's energy efficiency in mind.- Sandy F.
The first time I met Mike was at the job site of our future home that he built. It was very apparent to me that this construction was very different, and he proceeded to give me some information on his unique approach to energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction living. I spent the next day on the internet and became convinced that the SHC vision was what my wife and I wanted. I have never lived in a house that did not have hot/cold zones but have been very pleased how the Zehnder ERV system “evens out” the “climate” in our house. In combination with the air filtration with this system and the use of zone based mini-splits, my wife and I are very happy with this very different experience as compared to our hydronic base board heating system from our former house. We regard ourselves as earth-friendly, and our current house from SHC fits our perspective—the fact that our utility bills are nearly non-existent doesn’t hurt either! We have taken our lot to a xeriscape point and would add this to the environmental reduction impact that appeals to us. Love the instant hot water!!- Gary S.
We love our home. We knew we wanted a builder that would be intentional and smart in the design, as well as make it beautiful. All the small details - the window quality, the insulation, the air filtration system, the layout - all of it added up, and now we have a home that will require very little maintenance over the years and has very low utility bills. Such a house made it possible for us to live in this beautiful city. Thanks for making that happen Sutter Homes!!- Summer
When Sutter Homes Co declares their homes being Net Zero, they really are. Their HERS ratings back up their claims. We were far more impressed with this home that exceeded any of our expectations.- Gary & Lorie S.
Zindher air filtration system replaces the homes air several times hourly with outside air, geothermally preheated and filtered through a HEPA filter to remove outside contaminants. Indoor air is maintained fresh and completely free of Radon buildup. If you have severe allergies or asthma this system would be tough to beat. The home has been built to exceed building construction requirements for many years to come.- Doug C.
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