Aerobarrier and ACH50

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Sutter Homes partners with and uses Aerobarrier Net on every single home, ensuring that each home is sealed as tight as possible.


By sealing and ventilating properly, Sutter Homes builds the most efficient and healthy homes. The Aerobarrier technology is how Sutter Homes acheives the “seal it tight” portion of this goal.

air sealing

Air sealing is preventing infiltration from outside air into your home. With aerobarrier, an air born sealant, the product finds tiny leaks in your home and plugs them to reduce the overall amount of air leakage.

This is measured in Air Change per Hour at 50 pascals. (ACH50). The higher the rating, the more the house leaks air. Average homes may leak at the rate of 15 ACH50, while Sutter Homes has recorded a 0.01 ACH50 home, one of the lowest ever recorded in the nation.

Using Aerobarrier and developing record-breaking ACH50 rated homes is one of the many integrated ways that Sutter Homes builds Zero Energy Ready Homes.

ach50 measurements and air leakage

ACH50 measurements help paint a picture of how much air is leaking out of your house. If a house measures 15 ACH50, this means they have leaks that amount to the size of a bath towel. Now, you can imagine a bath towel sizes hole in your living room, allowing all of the outside air in, and the cool or heat treated air out. This is, in reality, what your home is doing. .01ACH50, the lowest ACH recorded in the nation done by Sutter Homes, means there is only .4 cumulative square inches of air leakage.

Why should we want to air seal our home?
  • Current building codes require 3 or below ACH50
  • Experience lower heating bills due to less heat loss
  • Have fewer drafts and be more comfortable
  • Reduce the chance of mold and rot because moisture is less likely to enter and become trapped in cavities
  • Have a better performing ventilation system
  • Potentially require smaller heating and cooling equipment capacities

Information from the U.S Department of Energy

ach50 used for sutter homes in the durango area
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aerobarrier used for sutter homes in the durango area
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aerobarrier air sealing used for sutter homes in the durango area
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