Renewable Energy Sources Defined

What is renewable energy? Also called “alternative energy,” these are sources that are used as an alternative to fossil fuels, like oil and coal. Renewable energy sources are replenished naturally by the Earth. Some examples include: thermal energy from the sun, electric production from wind turbines, and electric production from dams.

The sun, wind, and water on Earth never run out. By developing systems to use these naturally replenished resources, alternative energy can be developed.


Sutter Homes strives to use alternative and renewable resources in home building in order to save you money, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and be environmentally friendly.

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Why is it better?

Traditionally, fossil fuels are used for just about everything. These resources put gasoline in your car and heat your home. But fossil fuels are a finite resource, and as humans continue to be dependent on them, eventually we will deplete the Earth’s supply. This is why alternative energy – renewable energy – is the preferred method of construction and home building for Sutter Homes.

By using alternative energy, Sutter Homes is one less piece of the fossil-fuel-depletion puzzle. By living in a home that sources alternative energy, you will be one less piece too.

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Examples of Alternative Energy
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geothermal: heat from the earth
  • Hydropower: kinetic energy from flowering rivers
  • Ocean: thermal energy from sun’s heat and mechanical energy from motion of tides and waves
  • Bioenergy: derived from biomass
  • Hydrogen
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Photovoltaic Devices generate electricity directly from sunlight through an electronic process that occurs in materials called semiconductors. PV devices can be used to power many different kinds of electronic devices, from lamps, to stop signs, to your home and commercial businesses.


Photovoltaic Devices are one of the main ways that Sutter Homes builds homes that produce a surplus of electricity, eliminate your electric bills, and use alternative energy. One of the most common PV devices are solar panels – these can provide electrical and heating energy to both homes and businesses.

Over the last 10 years, the price of a complete PV system has dropped by 59%, making solar energy more accessible than ever.

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Below are a few of the resources that Sutter Homes uses when building houses that rely on alternative energy. These products use the sun for thermal energy, instead of gas or oil derived from fossil fuels. To learn more about each of these company’s products, click on their logos.

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