Rosemary Lane

Durango, CO

Starting Price
Up to2,274
Square Feet
Full Baths
Half Bath
2 Car

The First All-Electric, Zero Energy Ready Neighborhood in Durango, CO

Welcome to Rosemary Lane! Durango’s first all-electric, zero energy ready neighborhood ideally located in a mountain setting that is only 1 mile from downtown Durango. These homes combine leading building science, contemporary architecture, and spacious floor plans to produce a superior place to call home. These healthy, energy producing homes have attached ADUs that provide homeowners with flexibility and added financial security.

Mountain Setting, In Town

At Rosemary Lane, a low-density mountain lifestyle awaits you—with all the conveniences of a modern home that is close to downtown Durango. Many adventures are right at your front door. And even if you are not going outside, the beautiful mountain setting and southern sun exposure of Rosemary Lane will inspire you to live life to its fullest.

Rosemary Lane was deliberately designed to foster a sense of community and to preserve the natural setting. The heart and soul of the neighborhood is a classic residential street with wide sidewalks, street trees, and parking. The homes were all designed with inviting entries that are prominent from the street and encourage neighbors to get to know one another. Each home has a private yard and undiminished views of nature.

Interested in how Rosemary Lane came to be? This ideally located site sat mostly idle all these years because it lacked public street improvements and a sewer connection, and home values did not support the needed infrastructure investment, but now the developer has constructed all new public improvements for Rosemary Lane.

House Plans

With 16 homes, two distinct floor plans and five elevations, Rosemary Lane is designed to be a “collection” of contemporary, rustic architecture with complimentary roof forms and materials. Designed by Durango-based architecture firm Reynolds Ash + Associates, each home is differentiated by its lot configuration, accent materials, colors and landscaping.

Each home maximizes privacy, sunlight, and views of its natural setting through careful, but abundant placement of windows. The homes have uninterrupted and excellent exposure to sunlight through the front and back of the homes. And each home also has a private and useable deck and a small yard.

On a very practical and important level, each home has an attached two car garage with one parking space elongated to fit a large vehicle and provide more storage. Each home also has a private driveway, which accommodates an additional 1-2 cars.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

Each home at Rosemary Lane has a flexible ground floor space that will be finished as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) with a private, separate entrance. ADUs offer incredible flexibility and financial security for homeowners. The ADU can be used as a home office, family room, bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, or as a separate living unit that can be rented out.

  • The hard work of designing and constructing the ADU is done and is included in the price of the homes at Rosemary Lane. Learn more about ADUs here.
  • Careful, deliberate design of the Rosemary Lane homes means that the ADUs are independent and private without impairing the livability of the main home. The required permit to rent out the unit has been pre-approved by the City. Unless a waiver is
    obtained, an owner-occupancy affidavit is required.
  • ADU rental income now counts toward the income eligibility of borrowers for primary residences under Freddie’s Mac’s recently updated underwriting standards. Check out this great video on this change.

Healthy And Energy Efficient

Each home has three different rooftop photovoltaic system options and are being built to obtain the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready certification. This certification ensures that each home attains strict standards for air quality, energy efficiency, and water efficiency resulting in the lowest utility bills possible. Using leading building science, Sutter Homes is committed to building an energy efficient and healthy home that saves you thousands of dollars each year, protects your health, and lasts much longer than standard homes.

  • Each home will receive a HERS rating that estimates the home’s energy use and cost.
  • The annual cost savings are backed up a third-party certification process. Sutter Homes is one of the only builders in Durango that obtains third party certification of its homes.
  • Each home will come with an EnergyStar ductless mini-split heat pump system that allows for maximum indoor climate control. Check out Durango’s electrical coop to learn about the advantages of heat pumps.
  • Each home features a Zehnder whole house ventilation system
    that exchanges the entire volume of air in the home every
    30 minutes with filtered, fresh air from outside.
  • Each home has all-electric Energy Star appliances, so there is no risk of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants associated with gas burning appliances.
  • The garages are pre-wired to receive a Level 2 car charger. So go ahead and get that tax rebate of $4,000-$7,500.
  • Water and sewer usage savings are substantial from WaterSense fixtures and xeriscape landscaping within the small, no-maintenance yards.

Additional Benefits

Rosemary Lane homeowners pay the standard mill levy property tax, and the City of Durango performs all the street and utility maintenance including snowplowing. There are no metro district fees or high HOA dues that can add $1000s in annual property costs in other new home communities. There are no transfer fees that can reduce future sale proceeds by as much as 1% in other new home communities. Major tax credits are available to buyers through 2032 under the Clean Energy Bill (i.e., Inflation Reduction Act). And homeowners may be able to utilize ADU rent and the Zero Energy certification in their mortgage application. Rosemary Lane is a rare value proposition in today’s housing market.

  • Property tax savings – estimated tax savings over $5,000 per year compared to Twin Buttes.
  • Low HOA dues – the estimated annual dues are estimated to be less than $500. At other communities, the HOA has a much more expansive role and maintenance responsibilities, and annual dues can exceed $1500 per year.
  • Tax rebates – Homeowners can claim a tax rebate equal to 30% of the total installation cost of the photovoltaic system and connected energy storage systems such as Tesla Powerwall. This could be a $10,000+ tax credit, and it rolls over if not used in the first year. To learn more about the numerous incentives for energy efficiency, check out Rewiring
    America’s website.

Private Nature Park

Rosemary Lane boasts a 1.2-acre park next to the year-round Lightner Creek with a high-quality riparian habitat of native Cottonwoods, grasses, downed logs, boulders and rainbow trout. While the park will be maintained in a natural state, a trail has been constructed to take residents and their furry friends down to the creek’s edge. A picnic table and a couple secret sitting spots make for great places to read a book or visit with a friend.

Private Yards And Decks

Durango is known for sunny, bluebird days and indoor-outdoor living. Each home at Rosemary Lane has a large deck suitable for entertaining and a small, fenced private yard. There are no neighbors behind the homes, so the views of the surrounding nature are undiminished.