The average person will spend 90% of their lives indoors and 65% in their home. Every action in the home – cooking a meal, taking a shower, doing your laundry – directly affects the chemicals, moisture, and element balance in your home. Humans are surrounded and affected by the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, and the environment around us. The basis of Home Health is taking all of these fundamentals into account and using that knowledge to then build a home that keeps your family healthy.

By using data driven building science, Sutter Homes builds healthy homes.

Understanding Home Health Basics – It Starts Here

To help you understand the gravity of your home’s affects on your health, Sutter Homes has gathered some of the best resources to help explain and educate. Explore the videos, testimonials, chemical experiments, podcasts, and articles here to start learning about each factor of your home and how it affects your health.

For Health’s 9 Foundations

For Health has developed the 9 Foundations of Healthy Building as shown in the graphic below. Each of these foundations have a direct correlation to the health of a building – whether it be your home or your office. Many of these factors (like ventilation, air quailty, moisture, etc.) are directly tackled and managed by third-party certifications that Sutter Homes adheres to.

For Health 9 Foundations Of Home Health