In general home building, the process starts with a budget and square footage idea. Whatever falls within these parameters then gets built with only the standards of budget in mind.

When building with Human Factor Design, the occupants are thought of first: every time a person showers, where does the moisture go? When cooking, where do the chemicals escape? How does a house maintain heat while allowing pollutants to escape?

Sutter Homes builds with Human Factor Design as the first standard. This ensures that the home will be efficient, healthy, and well-built for the family that occupies it.

Human Factor Design Custom Homes

Human Factor Design Makes A Difference

Thermal Envelope

The thermal envelope is what separates the air in your home from the air outside. By building a tight and efficient envelope, the air in your house will stay conditioned and heated longer and more efficiently.

Thermal Envelope

Solar Geometry

Solar geometry focuses on architecture that interacts with the sun and building around the sun. This building science analyzes a home’s relation to the sun in its seasonal phases, angles, and how the sun affects the heating and cooling of a home.

By optimizing heating, shading, and cooling with the natural resource of a sun, a home can become even more efficient. For more information and helpful podcasts, click here.

Thermal Envelope