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HERS Score & Sutter Homes

Houses by Sutter Homes are all assessed using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score. HERS rated homes are proven to maximize the home’s efficiency and your health. On a scale of 0-150, the lower a home scores the more energy efficient it is. Learn more about the benefit of HERS Score houses, and how Sutter Homes uses this score to maximize energy efficiency in their construction.

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Facilitating Energy Efficient Construction

As construction codes continue to modernized, HERS rated homes, like those built by Sutter Home, pave the way to a cleaner, environmentally friendlier, and more efficient future.

hers index video used for sutter homes in the durango area
The Lower the Score, The Better the Home

The lower a home scores on the HERS index, the more energy efficient and healthy the home is. Sutter Homes are rated below zero on the HERS index.

hers video used for sutter homes in the durango area
Growth of HERS Rated Homes

HERS rated homes reduce 1 million tons of carbon production every year, and that number grows as more net positive homes from builders like Sutter Homes are constructed.

Sutter Homes & the HERS Score

Sutter Homes are net positive, and often times have a below-zero rating on the HERS index.

When a home rates below zero on the HERS index, it means that the home produces enough energy to cover all of the utility bills and has electricity leftover. This can be used to charge your electric car, mobile devices, power tools, or receiving a check back from your electric provider as you put your extra energy back into the system.

Sutter Homes with 0 HERS Score
Energy Efficiency100%
Average Home with 75 HERS Score
Energy Efficiency25%

Net Positive

Learn what it means for a home to be net positive, and why Sutter Homes commits to building energy producing homes.

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