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Houses by Sutter Homes are all assessed using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score. HERS rated homes are proven to maximize the home’s efficiency and your health. On a scale of 0-150, the lower a home scores the more energy efficient it is. Learn more about the benefit of HERS Score houses, and how Sutter Homes uses this score to maximize energy efficiency in their construction.

Energy Efficient Construction

As construction codes continue to modernized, HERS rated homes, like those built by Sutter Home, pave the way to a cleaner, environmentally friendlier, and more efficient future.

Lower The Scores Make Better Homes

The lower a home scores on the HERS index, the more energy efficient and healthy the home is. Sutter Homes are rated below zero on the HERS index.

Growth of HERS Rated Homes

HERS rated homes reduce 1 million tons of carbon production every year, and that number grows as more net positive homes from builders like Sutter Homes are constructed.

Feel The Difference Of A Zero HERS Index Score In Your Home And Your Wallet

Sutter Homes are net positive, and often times have a below-zero rating on the HERS index.

When a home rates below zero on the HERS index, it means that the home produces enough energy to cover all of the utility bills and has electricity leftover. This can be used to charge your electric car, mobile devices, power tools, or receiving a check back from your electric provider as you put your extra energy back into the system.

Sutter Homes Built (HERS Index: 0)

Energy Efficiency

Average Home (HERS Index: 75)

Energy Efficiency

What Is Net Positive?

Learn what it means for a home to be net positive, and why Sutter Homes commits to building energy producing homes.

Learn More About HERS Index
HERS Index Chart
Custom Homes by Sutter Homes Co.

Buyers who are building new homes in are seeking contractors who can deliver cost-saving, health-protective, air-tight climate-controlled comfort in energy-efficient homes

Sutter Homes Co. Is the leading Net Zero home builder in the Durango, CO and the 4-Corners area

What customers are saying about

"Sutter went above and beyond to take an idea to a completed home, and was able to provide great value and a unique financing situation to get my project done."
"Quality of work, knowledge of building code, building science, and energy efficiency, timeframe of project, communication regarding budget and modifications made during construction, and customer service is why I chose Sutter."
"We had Mike Sutter of Sutter Homes and his team build us a home 5 years ago. The finished home is just as good today, as it was when we moved in on day one."
Energy Efficiency
We are extremely pleased with our custom-built home by Sutter Homes. First and foremost, the energy efficiency is exceptional. Last LPEA bill was $13.80 and the Atmos gas bill was $28.
"Sutters pricing was by far the best I could find, leaving ample equity when I sold the home. My utility bills were still extremely low and we loved how quiet and comfortable the house was."
Sam Q.
Having a quality construction company brings such peace of mind when you’re working on any building project.
Lorie S.
Through the construction process Mike and his team were timely, attentive and flexible with last minute changes we would make. Their customer service and professionalism are A+ and you cannot find a builder of higher character.
Ryan W.
Mike was very accommodating in assisting us with changes and modifications in design and materials. We highly recommend Sutter Homes if you're looking for a quality home built with today's energy efficiency in mind.
Sandy F.
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